Network Management and
Performance Analysis

TDS leverages network data and subscriber movements to measure relative carrier network performance on a geographic market level. We provide data to our clients as well as consultative services to help our clients interpret the data and make the best choices for network investment and optimization.

Network Maintenance

Professional Services

API Solution

TDS Analytics provides a standard API via its cloud based infrastructure. Through this API clients can access our data as it’s available and analyze it or integrate it with other information at their disposal.

Professional Services

TDS Analytics has a team of industry experts that help clients drive actionable insights from its network data. Ranges of analysis include future capital investment in networks on a geographic market basis, relative network performance between service providers, and expected capital investment and network performance over the next twelve months.

Web based Platform

TDS Analytics has a unique web-based platform that allows its clients to view and query data that helps them manage the current performance of their networks and also allows them to manage future network investments.